Office for the Promotion of Diversity

This is a Home Page of Office for the Promotion of Diversity, Sophia School Corporation.
We work on the following 4 issues for our students and faculty and staff members to contribute to the global community.

Promoting Gender Equality
Work Life Balance
Minority support
Diversity Mind

Sophia University declared "Sophia Gender Equality Statement" January 2011 and has been promoting the importance of Gender Equality and engaging in a wide range of initiatives and actions to transform the mindset of University members.
Office for the Gender Equality was established January 2012 and on April 1, 2017 Sophia reorganized it to the Office for the Promotion of Diversity.

Topics & Events

Symposium on victims of sexual assault "Keynote lecturer: Osamu Mizutani, YOMAWARI SENSEI".
Diversity Week 2019: November 25~December 10
Diversity Week Event: Is it enough to speak only English in global society?
Supporting language acquisition in multilingual environments.
Is it necessary to promote Diversity in Academic Institution?
Diversity and Equality; Which is our priority?
Sophia Symposium: The Role of Men in Countering Sexual Violence: Understanding Male Positionality and Power from Psychological Research and Clinical Settings in the U.S. and Japan.

Promoting Gender Equality

Global Mentoring System

Global Mentoring System is aimed to empower young researchers of Sophia University making use of Sophia's international network. The aim of the system is to enhance capacity of women researchers to help them actively participate in an international research network. Researchers are encouraged through lectures on international research activities and encounters with many researchers. The aim is to give them emotional and academic support, as well as to provide help to the younger generations.

Scholarship for young women researchers

"Global Award for young women researchers" is given to graduate women researchers of science and technology.

Common Space

There is a common space for female researchers and students to develop their carrier in 315 room Bg. 10. Sofa, tables and books are available in the room.

Work Life Balance

Kenkyu Shienin Seido (Application to the Research Assistant System)

The Research Assistant System is aimed to enable both male and female researchers at the Sophia School Corporation to continue their research activities while maintaining work-life-balance. We provide "Research Assistants" for the Sophia researchers who must dedicate their time for their childcare or elderly care so that they can continue their research without facing disadvantage in their careers. Recipients of this support system are expected to provide on-the-job training to their Research Assistants and to become role models in balancing work and life.

Sophia School Corporation Child-care Grants for those Attending Academic Conferences.

The Sophia School Corporation has started a new grant system to help scholars with small children attend academic conferences.
Child care can complicate research activities. This grant aims to assist attendance at academic conferences by covering part of the child care costs, thereby promoting research careers.

Minority support

Support people with disabilities

Accessibility Map

Sophia University created this map with information about barrier free access, childcare facilities, and accessible restrooms.

Accessibility Map【PDF 249KB】

Support LGBT

Workshops and documentary movies are held to understand LGBT.

Support international students/language diversity to promote Diversity & Inclusion

Workshops and seminars are held to understand international students.

Diversity Mind: Seminars/Symposium to promote Diversity

Seminars, Symposiums and workshops are held to promote Diversity and Inclusion.